6 Tips to Save Money While Backpacking through Europe 0

You want to travel Europe, go from country to country, city to city, but the expenses for backpacking through Europe will kill you financially. In order to have an amazing vacation, you need to save money for the trip as well as on your trip. If you want to have the best time of yourself in Europe, all you need to do is follow these six wonderful tips:

1.      Always Take the Public Transit

You should take the city’s public transit to save money. For instance, you are in Paris, France. You should take the Paris Metro. It will take you to all the major cities in the country. Most public transit offer multi-day passes, making it easier for people on vacation to get on and get off the transport with ease. The most important reason to travel by public-transit is the money it saves you.

2.      Walk Wherever Possible

Whether you are in London, Rome, Vienna, or Barcelona, walking from place to place in the city is the best form of public transport as well as the cheapest. You will find some great restaurants, museums, and retail outlets all at walking distance from your location. If the next stop in your tour is only a few miles away from where you are, walk to it.

3.      Never Tip

Do not tip in Europe, as everyone, from the taxi drivers to the servers, is paid full salaries. This is true for the rest of Europe. If you do tip out of kindness, it will not do you any good, as you will receive a strange look from them. To you, this may seem odd, tsx gold stocks, but look at the bright side; you will save money.

4.      Purchase Lunch from a Food Cart

If you are backpacking through Europe on a budget, you should stick to eating food off a food cart. You will find delicious items such as pizzas and Nutella crepes. You will not regret buying food from the street vendors you see on the street, as it is delicious and most importantly, affordable.

5.      Try to Find Free Things You Can Do

Before arriving to the city, you should conduct a quick research to find out the free things you can do in the city. For instance, the St. Peter’s Basilica and Notre Dame in Vatican City and Paris respectively do not charge visitors an entry fee. If you love visiting historical places, you may find several stops in your tour that do not charge a fee.

6.      Do Not Buy or Eat Anything You Can Get at Home

When you are in a new country, why would you want to visit a store or fast food joint you have at home? The entire point of backpacking through Europe is to discover new things and try things you have never before.

If you have plans to backpack alone or with your friends through Europe, follow these six tips to save money while having a blast!