Seven UK Companies Offering Great Employee Benefits 0

While a pat on the back and a “great job” is always nice, getting a bigger pay check and a larger office is even better. It’s no wonder one third of employees admit that a significant salary along with many perks and benefits is what drives them to do better and work, and if need be, even change the organization they work for. If you live and work in the UK, these are some of the companies you should be jealous about.

AutoTrader UK

The company is the largest digital automotive marketplace in both the UK and Ireland. With 48 million cross platform visits each month, it’s pretty huge! But what makes the company even cooler is that it sends its employees discounted wine that’s delivered to their doorstep straight from the company’s wine club.


While Google isn’t technically British it does however have an immeasurable influence on online marketing, with over 100 billion Google searches each month, and has a 86.75% share of the search market in the UK. So, are its employees happy? Of course they are! Who wouldn’t with some amazing perks which include, free snacks and meals, a gym, a fitness center, the latest Google phones and tablets, and the ability to choose from the Chromebook, Windows Laptop or Macbook.  Not to mention the bragging rights you gain when proclaiming you work for Google at parties.


This company has got to be one of the coolest out there. The software firm give each employee a £5,000 joining bonus, or as they like to call it, a “Huddle Cuddle”. Cute! And that’s not all, each year the company also gives gifts worth £500 to all of their employees.


Hays is another amazing company to work for in the UK. Apart from its amazing environment, the company also provides ample opportunities for its employees to train and progress in their career.


Popular footwear retailer Schuh has more than 100 stores spread across the UK. The company also offers great perks to its staff including excellent discounts for its luxury brands and a generous salary with generous breaks.


The company is co-headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and London, and is also known for offering its employees with a great work environment along with a generous sprinkle of perks and benefits to sweeten the deal.


And last but certainly not the least. Expedia has been rightfully crowned Britain’s best place to work according to a poll that was carried out in January of 2016. The travel website has been consistently complemented for its friendly environment and generous benefits, which makes for a great work life balance. Some of the benefits that the company provides to its employees includes free breakfasts once a month along with travel and health benefits to keep its employees sharp and motivated.

Everybody wins when a company comes up with new ways of attracting and retaining their employees apart from the tried and true, healthcare, pension and company car routine. As far as benefits go, these are some of the best companies to work for in the UK.