How Spring Cleaning Saves Money 0

We all abhor our annual deep cleans. Our dislike towards having our elbows greased and hairs dusted is so well documented that 82 percent of the Brits prefer keeping their homes filthy.

“We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in stars, now we just look down at our place in dirt.”

But do you know, spring cleaning can not only help in freshening your rooms and getting the dust out, but it could also help you save money?

“Now you are talking”, said Uncle Scrooge, with shillings rolling in his eyeballs.

Yard Sale

Your annual spring cleans allow you to discard items that you no longer use and get some not-so-hard earned cash fill your pockets. These items could be garage tools, toys, DVD collection, clothes that you no longer wear and that vintage rocking chair. Organize a yard sale in your backyard, approach an antique dealer or you can even sell off these items online through eBay.

Charity Can Save You Money

With all the items that could have been disposed off in exchange of cash already gone, it’s time to focus on the ones that were not taken. Donate these items to a charitable organization and use their receipts for tax savings.

Look, There is a Bug!

Spring cleaning makes you aware of the areas that require maintenance. It could be your refrigerator, kitchen sink, vacuum cleaner, stove or shower; with your entire home turned upside down, even a bug on your rug gets highlighted. Investing in maintenance and repair works now can save you from the expenses of a major breakdown.

Stomach Full

Many people in UK spend on storage units as they do not have enough space left in their homes. By clearing out the unwanted items, you can make some space available for storage and save on the rent that you blow on storage units.

Get Organized

While you are into your annual deep clean, make sure that you organize all your bills and bank statements in a file. This will help you later in keeping check with your dues and timely payments, avoiding the hassle of any late surcharges.

Cutting on Your Bills

A neat and clean home does not only look good but it also helps you maintain proper hygiene. Living in a healthy environment, disinfecting your rooms, bathrooms and kitchen helps you cut on your hospital bills and regular visits to your doctors.

Moreover, the effort you put in maintaining your refrigerator? Remember that? It improves the efficiency of your refrigerator, prolonging the life of perishable items and helping you save on your budget.

Set Up Your Own Factory

Plenty of people like to invest in expensive glass cleaners and other cleaning products. Spring cleaning provides you with the opportunity to come up with some home-made solutions that you can also store for later use. They are as effective as those expensive cleaners, the only difference being, they cost you much less.

Spring cleaning your home can be a tedious and boring job. However if performed with a view of how it grants you with the opportunity to save and earn some money, it can turn out to be a fun task that you will look forward to at the start of every year.